Belfius Padel Summer Gala inside out: what about the venue?

Once again, the Belfius Padel Summer Gala will grace the grounds of the Royal Zoute Tennis & Padel Club, an extraordinary venue promising exceptional infrastructure and atmosphere. Surrounding the venue, a load of activities await, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience where we’ll witness some of the world’s best players up close, parties all night long, and the chance to explore Knokke-Heist like never before. So, what makes this remarkable venue so… well, remarkable?

A lot of history..

The “Knocke Golf & Lawn Tennis Club” was born in 1910. The clubhouse built at the time offered a view over both the golf course and 6 tennis courts. Tennis was mainly practiced by the English (former colonialists). In 1911, the tennis club joined the FRBT* as a competition committee, under the name of Royal Zoute Tennis Club nv. The tennis courts suffered greatly during the Second World War, and the site was sold as building land. It was Count Maurice Lippens who took the initiative and commissioned Clément Slabbinck to build him a new tennis complex (between Bronlaan and Groen Plein).

In 1946, at the club’s opening, 10 courts were already usable. A tent set up under the trees near Astridlaan served as a ticket booth. In the following years, new courts continued to be added. The clubhouse appeared in 1947, the central court in 1948, and the stands were built on earth embankments to give the impression of dykes.

Fast-forward a bit and the club has now invested in excellent facilities. In addition to tennis courts, modern Padel courts are now available for both members and visitors.

The club regularly organizes tournaments and events. Club championships, interclub competitions, and even international events such as the Knokke Zoute Junior Roller Open and obviously the Belfius Padel Summer Gala.

Speaking as of today, the infrastructure still consists of 25 tennis courts (23 clay courts), 1 central Padel court, 2 smaller show courts, 2 synthetic courts, 1 covered synthetic court, 4 mini tennis courts, 5 Padel courts, training walls, changing rooms with showers, a clubhouse, and the Knokke-Out by Tero which host our unforgettable after Padel parties.